Implement subscriptions and
usage-based billing in an afternoon.

75% of B2B buyers prefer to buy software without talking to someone.
Accelerate your transition to product-led growth and increase your MRR by 15% with Iron Plans.

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B2B customers expect & prefer self-serve.

1 in 2 interested customers churn if they need to talk to a salesperson. Use Iron Plans to easily create & add self-serve subscriptions to your product. We support plans with monthly, annual, and usage-based billing.

Increase revenue with usage-based billing.

Seamlessly combine usage-based billing and subscription billing in one invoice. Access real-time usage stats anywhere in your app. Make more money by tying your revenue to your app's usage.

Implement Iron Plans in an afternoon.

Use our low-code API to integrate in an afternoon, not a month. Get fully customizable plan, team, and billing UI components out-of-the-box. Embed them in your app using our JavaScript SDK or use our React components.

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